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We all go through life with a sense of wanting to belong…


Belong to someone, something or somewhere…


TribeByStacey is here for all the wanderers, free spirits and starseeds that want to belong… purchase a piece and join our TRIBE!



TribeByStacey is a UK based Jewellery Company started by me, Stacey Gayle in 2020.  Tribe predominately provides Handmade Gemstone Jewellery and many other pieces that help us to connect with our original spiritual being.

I am 100% Self Taught and am always learning and expanding my skills. I made my first Silver Smithed Ring in 2021 via watching Youtube videos! I now have a gorgeous range of different Rings to choose from...amongst many other jewellery pieces!


All pieces on offer are handmade with love and patience. I also provide Custom and Bespoke jewellery for those who desire a piece that is special and unique to only them.


Have a look at the beautiful pieces on offer.. I’m sure you will find something you love!

Stacey x

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