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7 Chakra Crystal Chip Choker! A small and dainty crystal chip chakra choker in either clear or black seed beads.


These are beautiful Chakra Chokers with either Black or Clear Seed Beads. Each Choker has 7 crystal chips supporting each of the 7 Chakras and has Silver Plated clasp and fastening.

Chakras are the 7 energy points within our bodies, each represent a different colour:


Crown (top of the head)- White/ Clear/ Purple

Third Eye (centre of the forehead)- Indigo / Blue

Throat (centre of the neck/throat)- Blue

Heart (centre of the chest)- Pink/ Green

Solar Plexus (centre of the torso)- Yellow

Sacral (centre of the groin area)- Orange

Root (between the upper thigh area)- Red/ Black


If one of the Chakras become blocked, you will feel an inbalance in your body and emotions.



The 7 Chakras | Crystal Chip Choker

  • Crown- Clear Quartz
    Third Eye- Amethyst 
    Throat- Blue Lace Agate
    Heart- Aventurine 
    Solar Plexus- Citrine
    Sacral- Carnelian  
    Root- Garnet

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