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These are raw copper bangles with a unique twisted hammered design.

These bangles are made to order and are so versatile! Can be worn by both men and women, worn on their own or stacked with other jewellery!

There is a choice of 2 designs: a raw untarnished but polished copper and an antiqued effect copper.

*Please note that raw copper will tarnish and patina itself over time!*

Power | Unisex Raw or Antique Copper Bangle

  • •Copper is a component of melanin and helps in the production of new skin cells

    • Helps your body make red cells

    • Helps to form and stabilise collagen

    • Wearing a copper cuff or bangle on your wrist if you have arthritis can aids the body in reducing inflammation

    • Copper is an antimicrobial and anti-fungal metal and does not harm or irritate the skin

  • These bangles measure at approx 7 inch (S-M) and 9 inch M-L) can be compressed or widened to fit different sized wrists.

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