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‘Sun, Moon & Rising’ Zodiac Necklaces... 100% handmade and personalised!


These are personalised Sterling Silver tag necklaces showing your Sun, Moon & Rising star signs. Each bespoke tag is hung on an 18 inch Sterling Silver trace necklace.


YOUR SUN SIGN represents your ego and motivationsYOUR MOON SIGN governs your emotional natureYOUR RISING/ ASCENDANT speaks to the energy that you put into the world...These 3 signs put together, offer up a brief blueprint of our personality, according to astrology/birth chart according to where the planets were situated at our birth.


If you do not know your Birth Chart, feel free to use this website to get a free chart showing your Sun, Moon & Rising (Ascendant) signs:

The Big 3 | Sterling Silver Sun, Moon & Rising Sign Necklace

  • These necklaces are made to order and will be personalised with the Sun, Moon & Rising signs that are provided. 

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